Our alumni are our proud products, and they work everyday to make the world a better place.  They are well-represented in industry, including aerospace, biomedical, automotive, telecommunications, computer, semiconductor, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, web search, and social media, as well as in business, government and public policy.  They work as engineers, technicians, managers, and leaders, and go on to earn doctorates from prestigious universities.

Message from the Dean:

As we begin a new academic year, our students, alumni, faculty, and staff have much to celebrate and anticipate. Over the past year, we’ve taken great strides towards accomplishing the goals set forth in our five-year plan. You can see the changes that have taken place in our classrooms, in our labs, in the hearts and minds of our students and faculty, and in the collaborative spirit of our alumni and industry partners.

This year, we will build on that momentum. We are creating a new model for university and industry partnerships, while continuing to promote faculty research and development. We are tapping into our extensive alumni network more effectively and developing deeper partnerships with leading local companies. And, we are providing more opportunities for students to participate in industry-related research and development projects, internships, and experiential learning.

A driving force behind all of this momentum is our proud alumni and their commitment to support us. It’s our collective dedication that allows us to achieve our goals. The College is thriving, yet we still have far more room to develop and grow. I am excited for the year ahead, and I look forward to your continued dedication and involvement.

Andrew Hsu

Alumni Awards of Distinction

Awards of Distinction are given annually to an alumni with notable outstanding accomplishments.  
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Spartans at Work

SJSU produced a video series called Spartans at Work featuring recent graduates out in the workforce.  
Davidson College of Engineering Spartans at Work

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