Environmental Health and Safety

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

The following describes the Injury and Illness Prevention Program that applies to all laboratories and facilities in the Davidson College of Engineering:
  1. Responsibility and authority for implementing the program: Dean's Office

    • Sheryl Ehrman, Dean
    • Jinny Rhee, Associate Dean
    • Neil Peters, Building and Safety Specialist
  2. Required laboratory information in all labs with hazards

    • Contact Information: Lab director, technician
    • Hazards present (may include chemicals, soldering, batteries, machinery, compressed gas, heights, confined spaces, extreme temperatures, high voltage)
    • Link to Safety Data Sheets
    • Lab Rules and Policies
    • Proper Chemical Labeling Procedure
    • Proper Chemical Waste Labeling Procedure
    • Emergency Contact Information
  3. Reporting non-compliance and injury

    • The Chain of Command: Dean's Office « Department Chair/Program Director « Technician/Lab Director « Student
    • Reporting can start anywhere in the reporting chain, and stop anywhere if resolved.
    • SJSU EH&S is available for consultation at any time.
    • Lab Director is responsible for safe operation in laboratory.
  4. Procedures

    • All labs with chemical hazards will be inspected monthly by the College of Engineering.
    • Results of inspection will be communicated to lab directors, technicians, and the Associate Dean.
    • Lab directors are ultimately responsible for ensuring labs complete corrective actions and operate within compliance.
    • Any lab with an uncorrected violation for two consecutive inspections will be reported to the Dean's Office.
    • All chemical containing labs will be audited by the College HazMat team annually. It is requested that the lab director and technician attend.
  5. Procedures for investigating occupational injury or illness

  6. Department-specific procedures

    • After-hours access: students are required to complete the Working Alone Draft and get the lab director and chair signatures, and fill out the key request form with the associate dean's signature.
    • Working alone in the laboratories that contain potential hazards is strictly forbidden. All after-hours access in any of these labs requires the presence of two or more students.
  7. Training and instruction

  8. Records

    • Chemical hazmat audit forms saved for 6 years
    • Inspection forms saved for 3 years
    • Record of training kept in Skillport for 3 years and downloaded once per year
    • A signed and dated pdf of the "Basics of Hazardous Material Management" presentation will be archived from all required parties for 3 years
  9. Accidents

    • Accidents and Injury Procedures
    • Emergencies such as chemical spills should be immediately reported to the Building and Safety Specialist (Neil Peters, cell: 408-568-5030, email: neil.peters@sjsu.edu, lab director, technician, or to campus emergency personnel if after hours (Campus Blue Phone, 911 on any campus phone, or 408-924-2222).
    • Notify the associate dean Jinny Rhee at jinny.rhee@sjsu.edu, and the personnel manager Molly Crowe at molly.crowe@sjsu.edu.

    Complete either:


For additional information (Lab director, Lab Technician, monthly and semester audit forms, and Lab Rules and Policies) please find the room/lab below in our list.

Links for Lab information below are linked to DOCX files unless otherwise denoted.

Lab Room/Facility

Lab Director

Lab Technician









ENG 101

Samuel Obi

Jonathan Rye

ENG101 Monthly

ENG101 Annual

ENG 101

ENG 105

Guna Selvaduray

Scott Gaudette

ENG105 Monthly

ENG 105 Annual


ENG 106

Kurt McMullin

Patrick Joice

ENG106 Monthly

ENG106 Annual


ENG 107

Nikos Mourtos



ENG107 Monthly

ENG107 Annual


ENG 109

Claire Komives

Scott Gaudette

ENG109 Monthly

ENG109 Annual


ENG 113

Nicole Okamoto

Roger Jue

ENG113 Monthly

ENG113 Annual


ENG 114A

Nicole Okamoto

Roger Jue

ENG114A Monthly

ENG114A Annual


ENG 114B

Nicole Okamoto

Roger Jue

ENG114B Monthly

ENG114B Annual


ENG 115

John Lee

Roger Jue

ENG115 Monthly

ENG115 Annual


ENG 123

Nicole Okamoto

Roger Jue

ENG123 Monthly

ENG123 Annual


ENG 125

Burford Furman

Roger Jue

ENG125 Monthly

ENG125 Annual


ENG 127

Kurt McMullin

Patrick Joice

ENG127 Monthly

ENG 127 Annual


ENG 129

Akthem Al-Manaseer

Patrick Joice

ENG129 Monthly

ENG 129 Annual


ENG 130

Neil Peters

Jonathan Rye

ENG130 Monthly

ENG130 Annual


ENG 130C

Neil Peters

Jonathan Rye

ENG130C Monthly

ENG130C Annual


ENG 131

Kurt McMullin

Patrick Joice

ENG131 Monthly

ENG131 Annual


ENG 135

Saeid Bashash

Roger Jue

ENG135 Monthly

ENG135 Annual


ENG 141

Kathryn Gosselin

Roger Jue

ENG141 Monthly

ENG141 Annual


ENG 184/186/188/190

Neil Peters

Jonathan Rye

ENG 184-190 Monthly

ENG 184-190 Annual

ENG 184-190

ENG 201

Melanie McNeil/Liat Rosenfeld

Scott Gaudette


ENG 201 Annual


ENG 203

Anand Ramasubramanian

Scott Gaudette

ENG203 Monthly

ENG203 Annual


ENG 205

Melanie McNeil

Scott Gaudette

ENG205 Monthly

ENG205 Annual


ENG 207

Laura Sullivan-Green

Patrick Joice

ENG207 Monthly

ENG207 Annual


ENG 221

Guna Selvaduray

Scott Gaudette

ENG221 Monthly

ENG221 Annual


ENG 223

Guna Selvaduray

Scott Gaudette

ENG223 Monthly

ENG223 Annual


ENG 225/225A

Richard Chung

Scott Gaudette

ENG225/225A Monthly

ENG225/225A Annual


ENG 227

Udeme Ndon

Patrick Joice

ENG227 Monthly

ENG227 Annual


ENG 228

Udeme Ndon

Patrick Joice

ENG228 Monthly

ENG228 Annual


ENG 229

Udeme Ndon

Patrick Joice

ENG229 Monthly

ENG229 Annual


ENG 231

Richard Chung

Scott Gaudette

ENG231 Monthly

ENG231 Annual


ENG 233I

Alessandro Bellofiore

Scott Gaudette

ENG233I Monthly

ENG233I Annual


ENG 233J

Alessandro Bellofiore

Scott Gaudette

ENG233J Monthly

ENG233J Annual


ENG 233K

Folarin Erogbogbo

Scott Gaudette

ENG233K Monthly

ENG233K Annual


ENG 235

Ozgur Keles

Scott Gaudette

ENG235 Monthly

ENG235 Annual


ENG 309/311/313

John Lee

Neil Peters

ENG309/311/313 Monthly

ENG 309/311/313 Annual


IS 119/119A

Samuel Obi

Jonathan Rye

IS119/119A Monthly

IS119/119A Annual


IS 122

Samuel Obi

Jonathan Rye

IS122 Monthly

IS122 Annual


IS 129

Fred Barez

Jonathan Rye

IS129 Monthly

ENG129 Annual


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