3 Tips for an Easy Fall Semester

A student-submitted feature by Mike Lee

Student RelaxingBeing a first semester college student, this is the point where you start to dive into your transition into college. Balancing school, fun, and for some, work, can be a very difficult thing. A good way to be ahead of the game is to make sure you are organized and prepared for what's to come. Here are a few tips to keep your head above water during your transition period.

Pick your group wisely

Start off by picking people who actually care about the class and want to learn. The people in your group who are highly effective are the ones you want to keep around as you progress through your major.

Create Facebook groups for your study group

Facebook groups work well because they offer the flexibility of being able to add people, share files, and communicate all on one platform. In your upper division classes, you will have a central space to keep ahold of all your files.

Work on the cloud

Another useful tool for organizing and saving your digital documents is Google Drive. Avoid the one chance where you are working hard on an essay, report, or project and your computer crashes. With all your files stored in the cloud, you can borrow a friend's computer or rent one from the library before it's too late!

Good luck with your fall semester!

-Mike Lee

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