Fall Graduation Recognition Ceremony – celebrates 581 engineering graduates

Congratulations to the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering class of 2012!

It’s celebration time for 581 engineering students who’ve now completed their bachelor’s and master’s programs and are eligible to participate in the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Fall Graduation Recognition Ceremony, Thu, Dec. 20, 2012, at the university Event Center.

Two outstanding seniors exemplify the superior quality of College of Engineering students and their commitment to community outreach and academic success – Paul Woodrow, majoring in aerospace engineering with a concentration in aircraft design, and Edna Shamouni, electrical engineering major. 

Graduation speaker

Woodrow has been given the honor of presenting the graduating senior address at the ceremony. In his remarks before the anticipated large audience of students, faculty, staff and guests, he will stress the important role of engineers in building a strong U.S. economy.

Passionate about engineering, Woodrow has some good advice for his fellow students still pursuing their degrees. “Do not undervalue the importance of choosing engineering as a career,” he says. “Engineering is a field that requires a passion for helping others, a dedication to life-long learning, and an appreciation for approaching every problem with an open mind.”

paul-and-morgan-woodrow-121214.jpgPaul Woodrow shows off his senior team aircraft project to his sister Morgan.

After graduation, Woodrow will move to Everett, Wash., to begin his career at Boeing, where he’s been hired as a systems design and analysis engineer in avionics.

Woodrow transferred to San Jose State University in fall 2010 after attending several local community colleges. Hitting the ground running at SJSU, he served as treasurer of Sigma Gamma Tau, and has been active in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Woodrow has led workshops for aerospace engineering students in many upper division AE courses, worked as a teaching assistant for the MAE department, and as a peer mentor for the Engineering Student Success Center. While partnering with CommUniverCity, he also participated in open house events at San Jose High School, serving as part of a team that made presentations to seniors on career options within the engineering field.

Scholarship winner

Edna Shamouni, recipient of an Engineering Leadership Pathways Scholarship, is heading to Austin, Texas, where she has accepted a position with National Instruments as an applications engineer for the NI’s Engineering Leadership Program. Says Shamouni, “I am very excited about this opportunity. NI has a great culture and I can see myself growing in the company and perhaps reaching my career goal of becoming a successful manager.

edna-saatlouei-121214.jpgEdna Shamouni

“I’m happy that I made the decision to transfer to SJSU two years ago,” continues Shamouni. “I’ve had some great professors and an excellent environment that encouraged me to learn and excel. Also, my involvement with the IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Society helped me grow my communications and leadership skills. Thanks to SJSU, I was able to work on some amazing projects, land three internships, and gain a full time job upon graduation.”

Her advice to undergrads: “Take your classes seriously, and learn from them. Get involved in school organizations and volunteer work. Work on multiple projects to enhance learning and apply the concepts taught in class. Look for internships. Network. And above all, always believe in yourself!”