GreenTalk Speaker Series

Wednesdays Noon to 1:15 pm, ENG 189

Practicing engineers, scientists, and technical experts deliver up-to-date briefings on how engineers deal with environmental issues.

For questions please contact Barbara Murphy-Wesley, Coordinator GreenTalk Speaker Series, College of Engineering:

Fall 2017

  • Sept 13

    Eugene Cordero

    SJSU, Meteorology and Climate Science

    Global Warming & Climate change

    Dr. Eugene Cordero is a climate scientist and professor in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San José State University. His science research is focused on understanding the processes responsible for long-term changes in climate through the use of observations and atmospheric models. Eugene is also interested in the design of educational experiences that encourage social change in students to produce environmental benefits. Currently, Eugene is the founder and director of Green Ninja, an enterprise that creates educational experiences that help students design a more sustainable world.


    Chapter 9 (Cunningham and Cunningham 2017), Climate

  • Sept 20

    Forrest Melton

    Senior Research Scientist, NASA

    The U.S. Climate Explorer: Increasing Access to Climate Data for Climate Resilience Planning

  • Sept 27

    Dr. Samuel Obi

    SJSU Technology Professor

    Management of Green and Sustainable Manufacturing

    Dr. Obi is a popular professor here at San Jose State University where he has taught since 1989. A native of Nigeria, Dr. Obi earned his degrees at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the University of Northern Iowa. His specialties are manufacturing and sustainability, and his courses focus on a wide spectrum of manufacturing systems topics. He also teaches courses in the areas of industrial ethics and technology and civilization. He has written two books in these areas: Introduction to Manufacturing Systems and A Handbook of Productive Industrial Ethics.

    Dr. Obi's presentation will involve a review and examination of manufacturing systems' components and how the various components and subsystems are managed and audited to maximize or boost their green content.

    Management of Green and Sustainable Manufacturing [PPT]


    Chapter 15 (Cunningham and Cunningham 2017), Economics and Urbanization

  • Oct 4

    Max Dunn

    Director of Engineering, Ohm Connect

    Clean Energy

    The price of clean energy keeps falling and is becoming competitive with fossil fuel power plants. But integrating increasing amounts of intermittent renewable energy on the grid is causing problems. Can we move to a sustainable energy future, or will fossil fuels always be our dominant source of energy?

    Paper: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy - Can We Reach a Sustainable Future?

  • Oct 11

    William Dunckel

    Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, PG&E

    Energy, Environment and Engineering

    "Energy, Environment, and Engineering" is a pragmatic overview of the relationships among these three elements. It is a high level conceptual discussion of how the US has come from the Energy Crisis of the 1970’s to where we are today. The intent is to provide engineering students some perspective for planning careers that will help protect the health and welfare of the public through environmental stewardship.

    Energy, Environment & Engineers Presentation [PDF]

  • Oct 18

    Mandeep Khera

    Chief Marketing Officer, Arxan Technologies

    Internet of Things/Environmental Impact

    Additional information coming soon.

  • Oct 25

    Dr. Siddharth Narayan

    University of California, Santa Cruz / The Nature Conservancy

    Environmental Systems

    Additional information coming soon.

  • Nov 1

    Dustin Mulvaney

    Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Department, SJSU

    Environmental Justice

    Additional information coming soon.

  • Nov 8

    Dr. Jerry Gao

    Professor, Computer Engineering at SJSU

    Smart Cities

    Additional information coming soon.

  • Nov 15

    Sonja Huang

    Bay Area Director, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

    Food and Agriculture

    Additional information coming soon.