Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium

Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium

Since Fall 2002, the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering has hosted the Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium (SVLS). The Symposium hosts industry and technology leaders to talk about business and technology trends. It also features prominent leaders who discuss broader societal and political issues that shape our life and society.

For more information contact Dr. Ahmed Hambaba, Associate Dean of Graduate & Extended Studies, College of Engineering:

The symposia takes place every Thursday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in the Engineering building auditorium, ENG 189.

  • Tracy Keogh

    Oct. 2

    Tracy Keogh

    Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Hewlett-Packard

    Accompanying Tracy are the following panelists:
    Milan Shetti Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, HP Storage
    Chandrakant Patel HP Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer at HP Laboratories
    April Slayden Mitchell Principal Scientist, HP Labs
    Chris Eidler Vice President, Solution Platforms, Converged Systems, Enterprise Group
  • Thomas Mendoza

    Oct. 9

    Thomas Mendoza

    Vice Chairman, NetApp.

  • Alvin E. Roth

    Oct. 16

    Alvin E. Roth

    Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2012, Professor, Harvard University and Stanford University

  • Telle Whiteney

    Oct. 23

    Telle Whitney

    Chief Executive Officer and President, Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology

  • Regis McKenna

    Oct. 30

    Regis McKenna

    Marketing Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, Regis McKenna, Inc.

  • William Ruh

    Nov. 6

    William Ruh

    Vice President and Corporate Officer, GE Software

  • Cindy Reese

    Nov. 13

    Cindy Reese

    Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Oracle Corporation

  • Raji Arasu

    Nov. 20

    Raji Arasu

    Chief Technology Officer & VP, StubHub,

  • Hossein Moiin

    Dec. 4

    Hossein Moiin

    Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Networks