Five-Year Strategic Plan

Our Vision and Plan for the Future

The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering undertook a strategic planning process under the leadership of Dean Andrew Hsu in the fall semester of 2013.  The college faculty and staff, with feedback from our students, alumni, and industry partners, collectively developed a five-year strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap to guide our decision-making and shape future programs and initiatives.
The three strategic priorities that emerged are: 1) creating innovative and experiential learning environments, 2) engaging in scholarly activity and relevant research, and 3) strengthening industry and community partnerships. 
For more information and detail on these priorities as well as our mission and values, please download and read our Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Five-year Strategic Plan.  To learn more about our current efforts and ongoing progress, please browse our Strategic Plan Tracking Document.


Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Five-year Strategic Plan 2014-2019

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