This website provides Bay Area educators and counselors with local information about PLTW activity, keeps you informed about professional development opportunities, and provides a networking tool to link you with other Bay Area educators and counselors in the PLTW network.

What is PLTW?PLTW logo

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a nationally recongized STEM program addressing the Need for increasing the number of engineers to compete in global economic market. With the United States ranked 17th in Science and 25th in Mathematics and with over 1.2 million STEM-related jobs projected to go unfilled by 2018, PLTW is part of the solution by providing engineering and biomedical science curriculum to high school, middle schools and now, elementary schools.

PLTW is a hands-on, activities-project-problem-based (APPB) curriculum aligned with relevant national standards (e.g., Common Core). The program emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and real-world problem solving.

PLTW is one of the four organizations recognized for outstanding quality (Elite List of STEM organization). The only in-school STEM program offering a comprehensive professional development model for high school, middle school and elementary school teachers. PLTW had programs in more than 4700 and serving more than half a million students in all 50 states!