Change of Major

Change of Major: Application Process

The following steps represent the Change of Major process for the College of Engineering. With the exception of students admitted to the COE as a freshman or transfer student, every prospective student interested in a COE major will follow these steps.

Due to impaction, prospective students are required to submit an application for departmental review. Admittance cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the capacity of the major.


Change of Major: Interest Form

Change of Major: Advising

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Change of Major: Application Guidelines

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Change of Major Guidelines - Click to Open PDF

Change of Major: Online Application

Check back here after November 1st when the online application opens.

Change of Major: Written Policy

Full text of the College of Engineering Change of Major Policy

  • Student must be in good academic standing to be considered for a Change of Major
  • Must have attained a SJSU 2.0 minimum GPA at the end of the semester the application is submitted
  • Must meet with a Major Advisor to determine a Study Plan, consisting of approximately 9 units in the major (6 units for Aviation and Technology majors), to be completed at SJSU
  • Major Advisor will sign the Study Plan indicating the student has been advised on what courses to take
  • The Study Plan may include upper or lower division courses depending on the student’s academic level.
  • Student must also have completed the following courses (or their equivalents) with a C- or better:
    • For Engineering: Math 30 or 30P, Math 31, Phys 50, and Engl 1A
    • For Aviation and Technology: Math 71 or 30 or 30P, Phys 2A or 50, and Engl 1A
    • These courses may be as part of the Study Plan, or in addition to the Study Plan, depending on when the student is applying for Change of Major.
  • The Study Plan must be completed with a minimum 2.0 GPA as well as a minimum grade of C- in each course.
  • For change of major decisions, the Major Department may take into consideration other academic work completed by the student at SJSU or elsewhere, in addition to the completed Study Plan.
  • Applications will be accepted twice per year, with deadlines of December 20 for spring semester (notification by approximately January 15) and May 20 for fall semester (notification by approximately June 15). A complete Change of Major application consists of the appropriate University's Change of Major form (fewer than 90 units or 90 or more units) plus the Study Plan. The department advisor will fill in the Study Plan grades at the end of semester before review.
  • Review of applications will occur only after the deadline.
  • Applications for Change of Major should be submitted to the office of the Major Department to which the student is applying.
  • Final admission into the new Major will depend on the capacity of the Major to accept new students.
  • Due to impaction there is no guarantee of admission to the new Major.

Questions? Contact the Engineering Student Success Center at or visit our office in ENG 344.