CoE Transfer Equivalency

The College of Engineering Transfer Equivalency process has been redesigned and is fully online.
The petition is now completed digitally, entering information and uploading documents, through DocuSign.
This petition applies only to courses not articulated. If a course is not listed in your transfer credit correctly, come to the ESSC first.

Before you begin the petition:
  1. You must verify the transfer course does not have an articulation with SJSU on or TES.
  2. You must have a digital copy of the syllabus for the transfer course from the term and year you took the course.
  3. You must have a digital copy of your transcript (unofficial is acceptable) that shows the grade and units earned for the transfer course.
  4. You must be currently enrolled at SJSU within the College of Engineering.
Please know that:
  • Each SJSU course requires a separate petition. If you are petitioning for a series of courses (Calculus, Physics, etc.), please visit the ESSC for more information.
  • You may use up to three transfer courses to petition equivalency for one SJSU course. If you require space for more than three courses, or are petitioning for Physics or Math series courses, please come to the ESSC for assistance.
  • The petition is digital-only. Paper forms and documents will not be accepted
  • New petitions using the old versions of the Transfer Equivalency Form are no longer being accepted. Any previously evaluated forms are still valid.
  • If you are petitioning for a course that also covers a GE Area (Engr 10, for example), the petition will not grant GE credit! See an ESSC Advisor for more details.
  • If you have a case that is not accommodated by the petition here, please visit the ESSC.
If you have any questions, please visit the ESSC before starting the petition. You cannot edit the petition once submitted.
To begin the Transfer Equivalency process, please enter your full name and SJSU email address into the form below:
Full Name:  SJSU Email Address:   

We have created a quick-start guide for submitting petitions.

Department Administrative Coordinators
We have created a quick-start guide for routing petitions.

Department Evaluators and Course Coordinators
We have created a quick-start guide for evaluating petitions.

  • Revision 2.1.09 - First Release on DocuSign
    • Evaluator notes pre-populated.