ESSC Staff

Please note, the ESSC is closed daily from 12:00pm - 1:00pm.
Sarah Johnson
Director, ESSC
General Education Advising, Remedial, Probation, Disqualification
Advising Hours:
By Request Only
Ahmed Banafa
Guided Pathways Advisor
ENGR 10 Instructor
Lower division pathways for EE/CMPE/SE/GE
Advising Hours:
WR 09-12 & 13-16:30
Tanya Chirapuntu
Guided Pathways Advisor
Lower Division Pathways for ISE/Aviation/Tech
Advising Hours:
MR 09:00-12 & 13-14:30
Alternate Wed. Starting: 6/21
Smita Duorah
Guided Pathways Advisor
ENGR 10 Instructor
Lower division pathways for BME/ChE/MatE
Advising Hours:
MT 08:30-12 & 13-14:30
Jack Warecki
Guided Pathways Advisor
PLTW Affiliate Director
ENGR 10 Instructor
Lower division pathways for ME/CEE/AE/GE
Advising Hours:
TF 08:30-12:00 & 13:00-16:00
Monika Kress
Professor, Physics
Change of Major for Undeclared, Math 19/30P students, Phys 50 advising
Advising Hours:
T 09:00-12:00
Long Phan
Advisor, AARS
General Ed., grade forgiveness, leave of absence, late drop/withdrawal, former students returning, reinstatement/readmission
Advising Hours:
No Summer Hours
Tony Jaconette
Data Technician
Academic Technology, Advising, Reports and Analytics
Blanca Sanchez-Cruz
Assistant Director of Student Support Programs
MESA Engineering Program (MEP),Women in Engineering (WIE)
Raiida K. Thompson
Career Counselor
Specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Advising Hours:
No Summer Hours
Ester Burton
Administrative Support Coordinator
Support for transfer equivalencies

Peer Advisors

Please drop by ESSC front desk to see any of the Peer Advisors.

Michelle Espinoza
ME Major, Peer Advisor
Advising triage, academic reports consultation, general education consultation
Miguel Ibarra
ME Major, Peer Advisor
Reception, advising triage, online tools, general education consultation

ESSC Staff Schedule - Summer 2017


Student Support Team Schedule - Summer 2017

Peer Advisors are not available at this time.