Probation Advising

SJSU places students on University Academic Probation if their SJSU cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0  Students on University Academic Probation are subject to University Disqualification if their performance does not improve.  University Disqualification means students lose their space at SJSU and would need to reapply to the University. That readmission can be challenging in our current climate.

Major Probation when performance in course work related directly to the Major (generally math, science, and engineering courses) falls below a 2.0 grade point average or a faculty advisor has reviewed performance and decided major probation was an appropriate action. Students on Major Probation may be subject to Major Disqualification if their performance does not improve.  Major Disqualification means a student can no longer pursue that major and will become an Undeclared student  who would need to find a new SJSU major.  The student is not disqualified from the University, just the major. You can read more about the Major Probation and DQ Policy here.

University Academic Probation and Major Probation are not punishments, they are interventions.  Our goal is to help you move off of academic probation and support you in advancing your academic goals. 

Fall 2015 Probation Advising Information

Students on University and/or Major Probation have been messaged through their MySJSU accounts with specific instructions.  They should sign up and attend a one-time Student Success/Probation Workshop.  Students should visit to schedule the workshop.   This one-hour workshop is designed to ensure students understand College and University Policy regarding probation, help them reflect on your past performance and what changes they can make to improve, and detail College and University resources you may not realize are there to support them.

If you have any questions about academic probation or disqualification, call the ESSC front desk at 408-924-3990 or e-mail