Building Hours

Information on navigating to SJSU and the location of Engineering building and parking garages can be found on our Location & Directions page.

Engineering Building

Weekday Hours (Monday through Friday)

On weekdays, the doors listed below shall be open at 6:00am and shall be locked Monday through Friday beginning at 10:00 pm.

  • All exterior doors, except those from the courtyard which open directly to the machine shops and lab rooms. Engineering personnel will keep the machine shops and lab exterior doors locked at all times, except when in use.
  • Double doors to the courtyard (two doors facing the San Fernando St. breezeway and one near room ENGR 127A).
  • The fenced gate to the courtyard facing San Fernando St., located between 7th and 8th St. is to be locked at 6:00 pm.

Weekend Hours (Saturday and Sunday)

The double door entrance to the rotunda area shall be opened at 8:00am and locked at 8:00pm. All other doors are to remain locked. SJSU students with IDs are allowed to use the building during the weekend open hours. Please see the section "Building Usage Policy" below for details. Faculty, staff or students with authorized key cards may enter the building at any time. 

Key cards and after-hour access forms

Holiday Hours

  • The building will be closed in observance of the following holidays: Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break Days, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, César Chavez Day and Memorial Day.
  • During Winter Recess working days, the building will be open only during regular non-holiday work hours, with no extended evening hours or weekend hours.

Building Usage Policy

  • Student weekday access - SJSU students are allowed to use the building and the computer/lab rooms that they have access to during weekday and evening building open hours.
  • Student weekend access - SJSU students are allowed to use the building and the computer/lab rooms to which they have access from 8am to 8pm.
  • After-hour permits - After-hour key cards are issued by Engineering academic departments to students who have special needs for accessing the building after hours. The permits allow students 24 hour access to labs for research work. Students are required to show their photo key cards when asked by UPD personnel. Information about these students is on file at the FD&O lock shop and their major department. A student may bring along one “buddy”  for safety if appropriate (i.e. to avoid working alone in the building after hours).
  • Special Events - The College of Engineering periodically hosts special events and allows other campus units and student or professional organizations to use the building facility over weekends. A notice will be sent to the lock shop and UPD dispatch center at least 48 hours before the event, and an SJSU employee event coordinator will be on-site throughout the event.
  • PLTW Special Exceptions - A high school teacher training program (PLTW) will take place in the building for two sessions. Teachers who are working inside the building after it closes (after 8 pm or on weekends) may stay in the building as late as they wish. They will have special name tags identifying their association with PLTW.

Industrial Studies Building

Weekday Hours (Monday - Friday)

The Industrial Studies building shall be open from 7:00am and locked at 8:00pm.