Engineering GO Program: Expand. Prepare. GO!

Expand. Prepare. Go.

What is the GO program?

The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering GO Program encourages you to take an active role in preparing for your engineering career. Current engineering students (including aviation and industrial technology majors) can earn points by participating in career-preparedness activities. Cash out your points for prizes that can help you in your career!

  • The activities already exist inside and outside of the College, on and off campus
  • The GO program is available to ALL current engineering students
  • There is no limit to how many activities you can participate in


Any opportunities, events, and activities that help you prepare for your career count towards the program! Below is a list of examples, but the GO program is not limited to these alone.

Build Your Campus Community

Activity Options

  • Attend a campus event (e.g., career fair, networking event)
  • Sign-up for department’s social media
  • Join a student club/society
  • Attend a career-oriented seminar (e.g., Dean’s Career Conversation)
  • Attend a department event (e.g., alumni networking mixer)
  • Explore the SJSU Library’s Engineering capabilities
  • Be a tutor, mentor or mentee with another student on campus

Build Your Network

Activity Options

  • Attend non-campus event (e.g., industry event)
  • Tour an offsite facility
  • Job shadow
  • Meet with professionals in the market or join a professional membership group
  • Attend a professional engineering event
  • Present at a senior design showcase or expo
  • Be a tutor, mentor or mentee with someone outside of SJSU
  • Study abroad or with Braven

Build Your Skills

Activity Options

  • Participate in a professional skill building workshop (e.g., resume writing, interviewing, presentation skills)
  • Complete a Career Center 'Career Readiness Badge'
  • Participate in an innovation contest
  • Intern or volunteer in an engineering capacity
  • Participate/Contribute towards research projects
  • Complete the Fundamentals Engineering exam
  • Create an online design portfolio

And there are many others! For more information about which activities and opportunities qualify for GO program points, see the GO Program Events/Activity Examples.

Participate in GO Program activities and earn points! The more activities you participate in, the more points you accumulate. You win in every way possible: you prepare for your career, grow your network and professional skills, and accumulate points to cash out for prizes.

Each activity is assigned a point value based on the level of effort it might take to participate:


One-time events/activities that require little effort


Events/activities that require some effort


Events/activities that require the most effort


Completion of the Braven or GTI courses, or another study abroad course

Every time you attend or complete an eligible activity, complete and submit the GO student activity entry form to receive points. You must use your SJSU email address to complete the form.

You are required to upload an attachment that shows you have completed the event or activity. That could be a “selfie” of you at the event, a receipt, an email confirmation of attendance, a handout from the event, a screenshot, or anything else that demonstrates your participation or attendance.

You can cash out your points for prizes two times a year: November–December, and April-May. We will post information on cashing out points in your weekly student newsletter during the months of October, November, March and April. We are building a GO app, but until then you must track your own points using the submission confirmations you receive in your SJSU email account. Final points will be reviewed and verified when you submit your request to cash out points for prizes.



Prizes that you can earn with points include:

Tier 1: 30 Points

choose 1

  • Business cards (100!)
  • Campus gift card (Gold points card – can be used at bookstore and food court)
  • SJSU College of Engineering branded water bottle
  • If you are graduating this semester, and you have a minimum of 30 points, you get a graduation recognition – cord
Blue plastic water bottle

Tier 2: 60 Points

choose 1

  • SJSU College of Engineering branded polo shirt
  • SJSU College of Engineering branded power bank
  • Merora tech-inclusive t-shirt
  • Automatically given at this level: (1) graduation recognition – cord; (2) SJSU College of Engineering social media recognition
sample merora tshirt

Tier 3: 100 Points

choose 1

  • Coffee or Lunch with an engineering professional or accomplished alumni
  • LinkedIn endorsement from the Dean
  • Automatically given at this level: (1) graduation recognition – cord; (2) College of Engineering magazine recognition
blue gold graduation cord


AND: a GO program-hosted pizza party with special guests for active participants (2x a year)

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page