GO! Frequently Asked Questions

The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering GO Program encourages students to take an active role in preparing for their engineering careers. Now you can earn points by participating in career-preparedness activities. Cash out your points for prizes that can help you in your career!

  • The activities are inside and outside of the College, on and off campus
  • GO is available to ALL engineering students
  • There is no limit to the number of activities you can participate in

The program is open to all current undergraduate and graduate engineering majors (including aviation and industrial technology) in the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering.

We know how busy you are with classes, work, and commute. Still, dedicating some of your time to career-preparedness events and activities will help you network and grow your community, gain awareness about the roles of engineers in society, understand what employers are looking for in new hires, build confidence in your skills and abilities, and equip you to apply and interview for jobs.

Any opportunities, events, and activities that are part of your career preparedness are eligible to accumulate points. Please see GO Program Events/Activity Examples to find examples.

Fill out the GO student activity entry form to receive points for the event or activity you attended or completed. You will be required to use your SJSU email address to complete the form. Track your points using the submission confirmations in your SJSU email account. Final points will be reviewed and verified when you submit your request to cash out points for a prize.

You can submit a “selfie” photo showing proof you attended the event or completed the activity. You can also submit a receipt, a handout from the event, confirmation of attendance email, a screenshot, or anything else that demonstrates your participation or attendance. You will be required to upload an attachment that shows you have completed the event or activity. The college will review your attached submission during the cash out period to verify the requirements are met.

Earned points will expire at the end of your SJSU graduation semester. That means you can acuclumate points as long as you are a student!

You will be eligible to cash out your points twice a year: November through December and April through May. Your student newsletter and Facebook will alert you when it is time to cash out.

We encourage you to keep track of your entries and points. You will receive a confirmation email of your submissions that you can use to track your entries. *When you cash out for prizes, your entries will be reviewed and confirmed. The number of points you cash out will be subtracted from your total points.*

Please email engineering-comm@sjsu.edu 

You can email engineering-comm@sjsu.edu with suggestions or feedback at any time. Additionally, the student activity entry form includes a space for you to provide any feedback or suggestions. You must use your SJSU email address to complete the form.

FAQ for GTI, Study Abroad, and Braven students

SJSU Engineering students that have completed the GTI, Study Abroad or Braven courses (including those majoring in aviation and industrial technology) can participate in the GO program.

Yes. You will be able to claim your Braven, Study Abroad or GTI points when you have completed the semester course with a passing grade. Please make sure to submit a screenshot of your transcript showing completion of the course.

Yes, you can enter participation in any additional events/activities outside of the GTI, Study Abroad, or Braven courses for additional points.

If you completed the GTI, Study Abroad or Braven course during the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 semester you can claim the activity for GTI, Study Abroad or Braven points. Please make sure to submit a screenshot of your transcript showing your grade and that you completed the course.