Course Redesign

A wide range of one-hour course redesign sessions and customized training workshops have been offered to orient and support our college faculty integating technology tools into teaching. Please either submit an iSupport ticket or contact the Instructional Designer if you are interested in redesigning your course and/or using academic technology tools for teaching and learning. 

Hybrid and Online Course Design Session

  • Session I: Hybrid Course Delivery and Design (1 - 2h)
  • Session II: Hands-on Experience (1 - 2+ hour)
    • Academic technology tools training/consultation: Zoom and Canvas course review
    • Online proctoring exam information and learner academic performance
  • Session III: Teaching and Learning (1 - 2+ hour)
    • Online facilitation: student engagement, collaboration, interaction, learning community and evaluation 
    • Student learning enhancement: to eliminate challenges and to promote student active learning
    • A dry-run and in-classroom observation/support may be available
    • Feedback sharing for continuous improvement

Technology Enhanced Course Design Training

  • Academic technology tools training
  • Customized Canvas course to meet your teaching needs

Teaching Strategies for a Flipped Classroom

  • Explore the benefits and challenges
  • Explain why we want to create videos for learners/students
  • Design and implement structures