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ProctorU Exam Information

If you are taking an online or a hybrid course and need to take an exam with online proctoring services, please contact your instructor and schedule an exam appoinemnt with ProctorU. More detailed information can be found via the link and video listed below. In addition, it's recommended you schedule an exam appointment with ProctorU at least 72 hours prior to your exam time in order to avoid paying a $5.00 late registration at your own cost.  

How ProctorU works: Test Taker Process


Three days before taking your proctored exam, you are responsible to

During the exam,

  • log in to ProctorU's website at least 15-minutes earlier than the exam date.
  • call 1-855-772-8678 if you have any technical challenge with ProctorU services.
  • an online proctor will guide you through the exam process and verify your identification, explain the exam rules, verify your login information, verify your exam submission, etc.
If you would like to share your concerns regarding your experience with online proctoring services, please file an iSupport ticket.


Zoom is a web conferencing tool that can be used for class meetings, collaborations, training, etc. If you are taking a hybrid course, your instructor may use Zoom for real-time teaching, collabration, and communication.

How to Join a Zoom meeting

Please click the meeting link you received and follow the instruction. You also can join a Zoom meeting via mobile devices.

How to connect to the audio conferencing

Via phone

  1. Select Phone Call tab
  2. Follow the list of the dial-in number and enter the phone number
  3. Enter the Zoom meeting ID and press # key
  4. Stay online if the meeting hasn’t started

Via computer (Please use a headset to avoid background noise.)

  1. Select Join Audio Conferencing by Computer tab
  2. Click Test Conferencing Mic and Speakers to make sure you select the mic and speakers you are going to use
  3. Click Join Audio Conferencing by Computer tab
  4. It’s recommended you mute your audio unless you want to ask or answer questions.

How to enable video via your computer

  1. Click the Video icon to start your video.
  2. Ensure there is a built-in webcam on your computer or you can use an external webcam.

Technical requirements

Zoom runs on PC and MaciOS, and Android devices. To ensure your computer meets the system requirements.