Annual Engineering Awards Banquet Features LinkedIn VP of Engineering as Keynote

A new sense of excitement pervaded the 2019 Engineering Awards Banquet in May.

showcase on the paseo

It might have been the inaugural outdoor Student Club/Project Showcase that filled up the Paseo. Guests found their nametags and then were able to mingle with students and see posters and demos while enjoying refreshments.

Full banquet room with banner showing Maybe it was this year's theme, based on a quote by the late actress, Carrie Fisher: "Stay Afraid, But Do It Anyway." Students swallowed their fear and spoke with C-suite executives at the banquet, and even presented one of the awards.

Table of students laughing And it could have been the College's first-ever interactive trivia game that had people scrambling for answers about both college history and very current events.

Maria Zhang, VP at LinkedIn

Keynote speaker, Maria Zhang, VP of Engineering at Linked In also spoke about new ways replacing the old. "When consistency equaled quality," she said, "we needed a homogeneous population of workers. But this is a new era! Creativity, insight and innovation are critical to quality and success, so we need diverse talent. . . We need you to be who you are. Be your authentic self!"

Students, you could be part of this banquet next year. Join a club, and plan to demonstrate your project next May!

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