Engineering Today Panel a Success; More Planned


San Jose - Our College of Engineering alumni are generous when giving their time and energy back to the school.

This was evident when a team of eight panelists, with excellent careers at local companies, gathered to present their experience and insights on a March evening at “Engineering Today: The Skills and Qualities Needed to Succeed.”

It turned out to be an evening of meaningful connections. Panelists described their career paths and singled out skills and qualities needed to succeed in today's market.

"The engineering degree just gets you to the interview. But so many of our applicants are lacking interpersonal relationship skills. Teams, clients, management, leadership -- they all require these skills, and if you talk about your experience with these skills, you are miles ahead of the other applicants." - Panelist Mary Hoang

The event offered time to network both before and after the panel, and students flocked to each of the panelists. Food and refreshments were served, and some additional panel questions were answered in a follow-up email to the participants.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the panel discussion. What a great topic to start off with.” - Alumnus Tu Diep.

Thank you to our panelists for their time, and being so willing and gracious to answer all our questions:

Anne Narimatsu (ME), from Intuitive Surgical; Mary Hoang (CEE), from HydroScience Engineers, Inc.; Karen Ann Brouwer (ISE), from Apple; Napoleon Tumonong (BCME), from ApoMed Consultants; Alberto Vidal (CMPE), from Intel; Sagar Vikani (SE) from eBay; Prasad Panchalan (EE), from Jawbone; and Jacob Latone (ChemE), from DuPont.

Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook page. Stay tuned for other engaging events like this one in the future.

The event was produced by The Alumni Engagement Committee, a group of Engineering alumni committed to creating and strengthening the connections between Engineering alumni, current students, and the Davidson College of Engineering.