Here for YOU: The Engineering Student Success Center

Photos by Lorrie Chan
Photos by Lorrie Chan

It can be easy to feel lost here, especially when you are new. The Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC) in ENGR 344 is a great place to get yourself grounded and oriented.

The Center is most heavily used by students who want general engineering advising and help on their lower-division pathways. You can pick up a freshman study plan, or start the process of changing your major into engineering.

Good Starting Point

"We’ve made this a very welcoming center," says Director Sarah Johnson. "If you feel lost, start here. We might not have exactly what you need, but we can connect you to those resources."

Struggling students are especially welcome. The Center can offer study strategies and connections to tutoring, as well as a chance to simply talk through the options.

Just Show Up, or Go Online

Photos by Lorrie Chan
Photos by Lorrie Chan

If you show up, you can sign in and then sit in one of the comfortable chairs or browse through the many fliers advertising student clubs and resources.

To visit online, simply go to the ESSC web page. This is also where you’ll schedule an online appointment to meet with an advisor. The advising schedule is updated weekly.

Enjoy what the ESSC can offer you -- it’s part of your success team!