I'd like to thank the academy | 2009 Engineering Awards Banquet

It was a very special evening for over 400 people who attended the Charles
W. Davidson College of Engineering 2009 Awards Banquet. The academy, in
this case, is San Jose State University, and the awards recognized the
achievements of outstanding SJSU alumni, faculty, students and staff.

The annual banquet was held on Thursday, April 23 at the Fairmont Hotel in
San Jose. This year's theme, Global Sustainability, was at the center of *Dean
Belle Wei's* speech as well as *Bob Gliner's* seven-minute preview of his
documentary, *Green Rim*. The documentary examines solutions being
developed by the U.S. and China to reduce each nation's carbon emissions;
it is scheduled to debut in Fall 2009. Gliner is SJSU Professor emeritus of
Sociology and an award-winning filmmaker.

For the first time, this year's program included a multimedia presentation
entitled *A Boat on the Ocean*. The composition by Maurice Ravel was
performed by *Gwendolyn Mok*, SJSU Associate Professor of Music and Dance,
with accompanying slides by Bay Area photographers *Richard Blair* and *Kathleen
Goodwin*. For information about Gwendolyn Mok visit www.gwendolynmok.com.
For information about Richard Blair and Kathleen Goodwin, visit

The 2009 Awards of Distinction were given to *John W. Davis* and *Jayan

Davis attended San José State University in 1963 on a pole-vaulting
scholarship. He graduated from SJSU with a B.S. in industrial technology in
1970. Davis has had a successful entrepreneurial career. Most recently, he
founded TMFC (Too Much Fun Club), an investment and consulting firm. He is
also the managing partner of Club Auto Sport, a commercial condominium and
club for automobile enthusiasts.

Davis' first company, Air Systems, Inc. (ASI), was founded in 1974. As
former chairman, chief executive officer, and owner of ASI, Davis developed
the company into one of the largest mechanical contractors in Northern

Ramankutty earned his B.S. in electrical engineering from the Birla
Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India in 1980. Pursuing
a graduate degree, he moved to the U.S., initially attending Chico State
and then transferring to San José State University. He graduated from SJSU
in 1991 with a M.S. in computer engineering.

During the last twenty years, Ramankutty has successfully founded four
companies and exited three of them. Most recently, he was the founding CEO
of YuMe Networks, a company focused on real-time online video ad management
and ad network.

Faculty, staff and student awards are as follows:

*Raghu Agarwal*, Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
The McCoy Family Faculty Award for Excellence in Service

*Jinny Rhee*, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace
The Applied Materials Award for Excellence in Teaching

*John Lee*, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace
The Newnan Brothers Award for Faculty Excellence

*Anthony Andre*, Adjunct Professor, Department of Industrial & Systems
The College of Engineering Award for Outstanding Lecturer

*Irma Alarcon de Rangel*, Department of Electrical Engineering
The Onslow H. Rudolph, Jr. Staff Excellence in Service Award

*Monica Kapil*, Mechanical Engineering Major
The Scott T. Axline Memorial Student Award for Excellence in Service

*Reena Obediah*, Mechanical Engineering Major
The Donald Beall-Rockwell Award for Engineering Accomplishment

*Alexander Keranen*, Chemical Engineering Major
The Lockheed Martin Excellence in Academic Performance for an Undergraduate

*Xiaoling Lao*, Electrical Engineering Major
*Juan Renteria*, Civil Engineering Major
The College of Engineering Award for Academic Performance for an
Undergraduate Student

Download the 2009 Engineering Awards Banquet program.

The 2009 Engineering Awards Banquet spo