Moving up in annual college rankings – top marks for SJSU

It’s that time of year – when the annual college rankings are released by U.S. News and World Report, in the 2014 edition of “Best Colleges.” Once again, there’s good news for San José State University and the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering.

We’re 2nd in the nation!

The Davidson College ranks second in the nation – up from third last year – among public engineering programs offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, excluding private and service universities. 

In overall rankings, including private and service universities, the college is 13th in the nation. Furthermore, the Electrical Engineering Department ranks 2nd nationally among public, non-service universities offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and eighth overall when private and service universities are included. 

“We are proud of this achievement,” says Dean Andrew Hsu. ‘The credit goes to our dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to empowering our students to succeed academically, and to develop into mature, socially responsible and globally informed citizens. 

“Engineering is one of the more difficult majors,” adds Hsu, “so we also credit our outstanding students who work extra hard to achieve academic excellence.” 

College ranking reports provide an objective guide for students and their parents to compare the academic quality of colleges. Although just one factor in the college search process, the information is also a valuable resource for faculty in weighing job options. Guidance counselors use these reports to advise high school students in choosing a college. The reports are also a source of pride for alumni, and can influence whether they choose to financially support an alma mater.