SJSU Students Solve Real Engineering Challenges in Juniper Networks Innovation Contest

More than 80 students comprising 20 teams competed in the Juniper Network Student Innovation Contest.  Photos: Carlos Fogel

The Juniper Networks Student Innovation Contest, in partnership with SJSU’s College of Engineering, brought together 20 student teams comprised of 89 graduate and undergraduate students to solve real world challenges posed by Juniper software and supply chain engineers.
Students were challenged to find innovative business solutions in the areas of Spark streaming plugin for high frequency data from network devices, Troubleshooting IP CLOS fabrics for next generation data center clouds, Mapping reduce workload estimation on a switch, and Process performance metric for supply chain.
The half-day live event, held Nov. 14, 2014 at Juniper’s Aspiration Dome in Sunnyvale, allowed students to innovate and present their solutions to engineering professors and Juniper engineers. Winners were awarded prizes, including the opportunity to interview for summer internships with Juniper.

The 1st place winners are:
Spark - Transformers (Rohan Tangadpalliwar, Mihir Asthana,Kartik Krishnan Iyyer)
Map Reduce - The Determined Cheetahs (Hitesh Padekar, Sambu Gopan, Amit Borude, Gokul Chand, Sanket Desai)
Troubleshooting IP CLOS - Junos Hackers (Ankit Gajbhiye, Shrinath Thube, Soumil Kulkarni, Akanksha Khilare)
Process Performance - Lean Process Solutions (Angelica Mata, Jim Tang, Ronald Gidda, Rebecca Mantecon, Mike Dang)

2nd Place Winners are:
Spark - Daksh (Sushanta Sahoo, Madhur Kamalapurkar, Kandarp Patel, Avadhut Thakar, Niveditha Hebbar)
Map Reduce - Live Wires (Gaurav Bhardwaj, Pooja Kasu, Prajakta Naik, Vaibhav Bhor)
Troubleshooting IP CLOS - Endeavors (Harsha Vardhan Bonthalala, Siva Sai Kumar Pamujula, Amogh Eshappa Setra, Sachin Uplaonkar)
Process Performance - ISE251 Team G (Filippo Marchesi, Ly Nguyen, Vonny Jap, Yan Zhou)