Summer in Silicon Valley 2015

This summer, 82 students from seven different universities around the world gathered together for a three week program, Summer in Silicon Valley (SSV), here at San José State University. SSV introduced the culture and opportunities Silicon Valley has to offer to these prospective students.

Opening ceremony of Summer in Silicon Valley

Students from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan, began the program with an opening welcome speech from President Mohammad Qaoyomi and Dean Andrew Hsu.

Over the course of three weeks, the students had the opportunity to learn from speakers such as Professor Keith Perry, and other industry professionals such as Dr. Yanika Schneider, Professor Shai Silberman, Director Sara McGregor, Dr. Craig England, and Alumnus Robert Bigler. The speakers provided students valuable insight on collaboration and communication skills, Silicon Valley culture, and entrepreneurship.

Professor Keith Perry presenting the History of Silicon Valley and the startup culture.

In order to really learn about Silicon Valley first hand, the students toured many Northern California attractions and well-known companies to “experience Silicon Valley’s innovation spirit.”

Despite the wonderful opportunity to learn about all of the technological innovations of Silicon Valley, the program also emphasized the importance of cultural knowledge. There were a few days throughout the program where students were able to explore nearby cities including Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

One of the many teams of International students in SSV

Throughout these trips and lectures, the students gained global experience working on team projects with other students. These team projects allowed students to work in a dynamic environment while learning how to communicate effectively with others of differing cultures.

Current SJSU students had the opportunity to facilitate these team projects and interact with international students.  


“SSV was such a valuable experience. It was gratifying to have been able to teach the students about my life as a Bay Area native and my experience as a San José State engineering student, but also to have learned so much about their lives in other parts of the world,” said Richard Duong, student assistant for SSV.


A big thank you to all of the students, faculty, staff, and industry partners that helped make this program possible. If you would like to learn more about SSV, please visit:

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