Faculty Sharing Community and Resources

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Dear College of Engineering faculty members,

We'd like to invite you to join our Faculty Sharing Community, no matter if you are intesested in exploring teaching tools or you'd like to share your experience of using technology tools to enhance student learning. We look forward to your participation!

Faculty Sharing Community

The Faculty Sharing Community topic tracks include, but not limit to the lists below. If you're interested in ideas sharing or have questions, please email the Instructional Designer.

  • Accessibility

  • Active learning strategies

  • Camtasia screen recording or Studio Canvas experience

  • Flipped classroom teaching experience

  • Hybrid course teaching: challenges and opportunities

  • iClicker: to track student's progression and increase student engagement in the classroom

  • Online Course Teaching

  • Rubrics Templates: When instructors add a rubric to an assignment (or an exam) to assess student learning outcome in Canvas, students can identify the criteria and to make improvements for their learning. There are rubrics templates created by Dr. Nikos Mourtos.

  • Setup Lockdown Broswer feature on Canvas: to avoid students open an application or open a browser while taking an exam.

  • Turnitin experience