SVLS Speaker Series, Fall 2012

  • Patrick Lo photo

    Sep. 27

    Patrick Lo

    Chairman and CEO, Netgear

  • Anne Wojcicki photo

    Oct. 4

    Anne Wojcicki

    Co-Founder and CEO, 23andMe

  • Mary Humiston photo

    Oct. 11

    Mary Humiston

    Senior Vice President, Global Resources Applied Materials


  • Carl Guardino photo

    Oct. 18

    Carl Guardino

    President and CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

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  • Maya Strelar-Migotti photo

    Oct. 25

    Maya Strelar-Migotti

    President, Silicon Valley Campus, Ericsson Inc.

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  • Curtis Carlson photo

    Nov. 1

    Curtis Carlson

    President and CEO, SRI International

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  • John Celli photo

    Nov. 29

    John Celli

    President and COO, Space Systems/Loral

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  • Nora Denzel photo

    Dec. 6

    Nora Denzel

    Executive Vice President, Intuit

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