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The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering undertook a strategic planning process under the leadership of Dean Andrew Hsu in the fall semester of 2013. The process resulted in a five-year strategic plan with three strategic priorities, the first being to create innovative and experiential learning environments. As we strive to provide our students with relevant hands-on experience, knowledge and skills that are applicable to the workplace, we also aim to connect students with the tools necessary to succeed academically.

Academic Forms

General Education Worksheets for Engineering Majors

Every College of Engineering undergraduate needs to complete SJSU General Education Requirements. The GE requirements vary slightly by major and by the Catalog Year you are following.  If you are applying to graduate, you can fill out the following GE Checklist and drop by the Engineering Student Success Center to have it verified and signed. The signed checklist is used by your major advisor to verify GE requirements are met and remaining GE courses are in progress or planned.

Transfer Students

Please visit the ESSC Transfer Equivalency Petition page for information on requesting transfer equivalency. The Petition is only for courses that are not already articulated and should only be used after Admissions and Records have processed your transcripts.

Lower Division Pathways to Success

When filling out the Prep Worksheet for Lower Division Pathways or the Template for Lower Division Pathways please save a digital copy named similarly to Lastname.Firstname.SID.LDPprep or Lastname.Firstname.SID.LDP respectfully prior to your appointment at the ESSC.

Catalog Information by Department

For four year plans for any program listed here, please follow the corresponding link to the academic program page to find 4 year plans and other documents.
Aerospace Engineering - Catalog - Department Page Aviation and Technology  - Catalog - Department Page Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering  - Catalog - Department Page Civil and Environmental Engineering - Catalog - Department Page
Computer Engineering - Catalog - Department Page Electrical Engineering - Catalog - Department Page General Engineering (Interdisciplinary) - Catalog - Department Page Industrial and Systems Engineering  - Catalog - Department Page Mechanical Engineering - Catalog - Department Page

Archived Forms for Previous Catalog Years

If you are constructing your Lower Division Pathway, the forms below show the GE pattern required for each major and Catalog Year.  (Unless you are choosing to follow a different Catalog, your Catalog Year is generally the term you first started at SJSU.)

SJSU Registrar Academic Forms

A list of academic forms available in the Office of the Registrar can be located at this page:

Program of Study/Advising Forms 

The title of the Program of Study/Plan of Study/Advising form varies from program to program. Many departments require graduate students to meet with their faculty graduate advisor to discuss their academic plan. Some departments will place a hold on a student's record until the form has been signed by the faculty graduate advisor. Some departments require an update form to be submitted if changes are made. Check with your program's department regarding how to use this form.

University Forms

Candidacy and Graduation Deadlines
NOTE: Some departments have internal deadlines set PRIOR to the university's deadline. Check with your faculty graduate advisor regarding program specific deadlines.

Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy
Advancement to candidacy is a crucial step to take in your graduate career. An approval of advancement to candidacy denotes that the student is on track to graduate.  As of the Fall 2010 semester, this form requires the signature of the departmental or school graduate advisor, not simply the master's committee chair.

Request for Course Substitution in Master's Degree Program
This request is allowed for courses that were listed on an approved candidacy form, but never taken as part of the program for completion.

Application for Award of Master's Degree
Graduation application.

Graduation Date Change Request for Award of Master's Degree
Reactivation form if student has already filed a graduation application, but graduation has been delayed.

Other forms such as the Application for a Change of Graduate Major, Change of Classification in Master's Program, Course Transfer Validation, Excess Units (more than 16 per semester), Reinstatement (following disqualification), Withdrawal, and special petitions are available from the office of Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations (GAPE).

Academic Resources

Academic Calendars

Accessible Education Center provides comprehensive services in support of the educational development and success of students with disabilities.

Advising Hub is meant to serve as a resource for all undergraduate and graduate students to aid in student success. As the name suggests, it's at the center of many advising and academic support services available at SJSU. This site can be used to locate and access the information and people you need to help you progress smoothly to your degree objective

Canvas for Students is a collection of video and written tutorials for the learning management system.

Career Center promotes the development of SJSU students as professionals by providing the tools to guide you in making career-planning decisions along with developing and marketing your skills to employers.

Counseling and Psychological Services Educational Counseling assists students in navigating the university by informing them of SJSU resources and policies and serving as a bridge to personal counseling to help students’ overall well-being.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library provides students with 24/7 access online to chat with a reference librarian. Subject librarians are available to assist students with research projects, including defining a topic, identifying keywords, and selecting databases. Other services provided by the King Library include study room reservationsstudent technology training, and printing/copying/scanning.

Military and Veteran Student Services assists eligible student Veterans, Active Duty Service persons, Dependents, Reservists, and National Guard Members with state and federal education benefit programs.

Registrar, Office of the services and supports all students, alumni, faculty and staff, with records and registration inquiries. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of student academic records.

Spartan Success Portal is an online workshop series aimed at helping you to succeed. All workshops are confidential, informational and available 24/7. There are 41 Workshops divided amongst 6 categories: Academic and Career Exploration (6), Learning to Learn (12), Online Learning (4), Success Strategies (3), Personal Management (11), and Reading and Writing (5). Many workshops are also available in Spanish.

Student Conduct and Ethical Development promotes fairness and consistency in the administration of the student conduct process while supporting a safe and inclusive living and learning environment. Student Conduct and Ethical Development commits to the principles of empathy, ethics, equity, integrity, and respect.

Testing Office provides testing related services in support of the educational development and success of students

University Ombudsperson, Office of the provides impartial and confidential consultation to members of the campus community who are concerned about a situation or issue.

Writing Center provides one-hour workshops that cover a variety of topics, including grammar, punctuation, and essay exams, as well as individual tutoring sessions to equip each student with a personalized approach to writing that considers their goals, existing abilities and knowledge, and skill development needs.

Engineering Student Success Center 

ESSC assists undergraduate students to move successfully from freshman to senior year, supporting and enhancing their learning and overall academic experience. ESSC is an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration, builds community and supports a smooth transition into college. The center provides outreach and recruitment activities; first-year experience programs for frosh and incoming transfer students; academic advising by professional and peer advisors; professional development and practice programs; along with guidance on developing future career and graduate school plans.
"ASSIST is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California’s public colleges and universities and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about student transfer in California."

Change of Major Application & Policies

Are you a new student who was admitted Undeclared to the University and would like to declare a major in the College of Engineering? Are you a current College of Engineering major who would like to switch from one department to another (for example Chemical Engineering to Electrical Engineering)? The College has created a change of major policy which will apply to all students beginning August 2010.

Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement (MESA) at SJSU aims to increase the number of high caliber, industry-ready graduates from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds completing degrees in Engineering or Computer Science at San José State University.

Probation Advising and Policy
University Academic Probation and Major Probation are not punishments, they are interventions.  Our goal is to help you move off of academic probation and support you in advancing your academic goals. Students on University and/or Major Probation are notified through their MySJSU accounts with specific instructions.  They should sign up and attend a one-time Student Success/Probation Workshop.  Students should visit the Engineering Student Success Center to schedule the workshop.

Standardized Test Equivalencies
SJSU grants credit toward its undergraduate degrees for successful completion of various standardized exams. Students may not earn duplicate credit by examination if they have previously taken or subsequently take equivalent exams or course work.

San José State University offers a wide variety of tutoring and supplemental assistance programs to help students succeed in their most challenging classes. These services are meant to augment, not replace, regular communication with your instructors during class and office hours.

Engineering Graduate Student Success 

The College of Engineering’s Graduate Student Success Coordinator (GSSC) and the International Graduate Student Advisor provide current information to all CoE graduate students on college and university-wide policies as well as on-campus resources, track student success statistics (e.g. time to degree, retention, etc.), and develop new support programs and services. The International Graduate Student Advisor provides guidance on academic and non-academic concerns specifically relevant to international graduate students at the College of Engineering.

Candidacy and Graduation Deadlines

NOTE: Some departments have internal deadlines set PRIOR to the university's deadline. Check with your faculty graduate advisor regarding program specific deadlines.

Department/program faculty advisors for Fall 2015 will be posted soon.

Grad Lab is a graduate student only study space located in the King Library. Lockers are available for semester-long check out.

Probation and Disqualification Guidelines

A high level of scholarship and of ethical and operational behavior is needed at the graduate level, and individual programs are given some leeway in developing standards for their programs that meet the needs of the community they are serving as well as the field of study in which the students will be claiming expertise.

Probation and Disqualification Policies in the College of Engineering
Programs may use program-specific criteria for determining probation in the major, disqualification from the major, and reinstatement into the major. Review your program's website for further details.