Change of Major


Change of Major: Application Processes

Access the complete Change of Major Transition Plan

Steps Towards a Change of Major

Follow the process according to the number of earned units you received from all colleges attended.

0-60 earned units: 

  1. Attend a Change of Major Workshop (OPTIONAL) to get information and help from an ESSC advisor
  2. Apply online to change your major when you are eligible. Please see this Change of Major Transition Plan for eligibility requirements. You can also get this at a workshop.
  3. Wait for a response. 
    • You will receive an email to your SJSU email address only.
    • The ESSC will let you know to which majors you have been accepted or denied based your application.
  4. If admitted, make your final decision.
    • You will have a few days to consider your options.
    • Respond promptly to the notification email with your final decision.
    • The ESSC will handle changing your major with the University.

61-90 earned units: 

  1. Talk to a major advisor in the department. You will receive advising on courses you need to take that may or may not be on the Change of Major Transition Plan.
  2. When you are eligible, check with the same major advisor on how to apply. In some cases, you might have to apply online. Some departments might have a preferred alternative.
  3. Wait for a response from the department via SJSU email. Make sure to follow up with your department advisor if you did not apply through our site.

Above 90 units:

  1. Go to the Change of Major webpage from the Office of the Registrar. Read their site and download the "More than 90 units" change of major petition and get required signatures and advising. 
  2. The last step is to get a signature from the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, Jinny Rhee. 
  3. Wait until the Dean's office contacts you for their decision.

Changing out of Engineering?

To change your major out of the College of Engineering: 
  1. Get an updated study plan from an advisor in the new major or its success center.
  2. Email the new study plan to (only for Engineering hold removal).
  3. Complete your change-of-major with your new department.

Change of Major: Advising


This information applies to students that plan on changing into the College of Engineering from Undeclared or any other major. It also applies to students already in the College of Engineering with intent to change to a different Engineering major.

The Change of Major process for the College of Engineering is separated into two categories depending on the number of earned units. If you are unsure of units earned, check with your major advisor or an ESSC advisor.

Below 60 Units Earned

Students with fewer than 60 earned units must do the following:

  1. Attend an ESSC Change of Major Workshop to complete a Study Plan for the intended major(s).
  2. Complete the required courses with satisfactory grades required by the major departments (usually a C- or above, but always double check the catalog).
  3. Complete the College of Engineering Change of Major Application on the ESSC website.
  4. Respond to decision email sent by the ESSC team indicating acceptance of new major.
  5. Wait for the Registrar to process the Change of Major (no additional paperwork needed).

Equal to or Above 60 Units Earned

For students that have earned equal to or above 60 units, the Change of Major process is handled directly by the major departments. It is reccomended, but not required, for students to meet with an ESSC Advisor for general guidance. Students must do the following:

  1. Meet with the appropriate Advisor (Major Advisor, Department Chair, etc.) for the intended major which varies by department.
  2. Discuss requirements for changing into that major.
  3. Complete required courses (if any).
  4. Bring the typed Change of Major Form, found on the Registrar’s Forms page, to the Major Advisor or Department Chair to be signed and submit the form the Registrar.

Equal to or Above 90 Units Earned

Students should follow the steps for 60 or above units with one modification in step 4. There is a different form for students with above 90 earned units which is also found on the Registrar's forms page. Also note that changing majors with 90 or more units earned requires a signature from the Associate Dean of Engineering.

Change of Major: Application Guidelines


To be considered for a COE Change of Major, a student must:
  • Be in good academic standing by maintaining a SJSU GPA of 2.0 or better
  • Complete all Foundations of Engineering Courses (FEC) and major-specific requirements (see table) 
  • Meet the major’s impaction threshold for transfers 
  • Earn a “C“ or better in all FEC courses

Course Requirements

  • COE majors follow a unique sequence of courses that require careful planning. 
  • Students should aim to complete FEC and major-specific requirements within their first 2-3 semesters at SJSU.
  • Depending on a student’s Math placement, they may need to utilize the summer term to ensure timely academic progress.
  • Some majors will consider repeated coursework or Grade Forgiveness, however, repeats are not advisable and will delay graduation.

Requirements Table

  COE Change of Major Application Requirements
COE FEC Major-Specific*
Aviation & Technology ENGL 1A
GE Area A1
All Engineering-named Majors MATH 30
AE AE 20
CE CE 8^
*Prospective AVIA, EE, GE, ISE, ME & TECH students are not required
to complete additional coursework at the time of application
^See Civil Engineering department for access to CE 8

Change of Major: Online Application

Change of Major Application Link:

Change of Major: Written Policy

Full text of the College of Engineering Change of Major Policy
(Effective Fall 2017)

The COE’s Change of Major policy and application process provides prospective students with manageable steps for completing preparation courses in a timely manner.

Due to impaction constraints, every prospective lower division student is required to submit a Change of Major application for departmental review. Admittance cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the applicant’s overall academic progress and performance in key Engineering courses.

Academic Guidelines
To be considered for a Change of Major, prospective students must meet the following criteria at the time of application.

    • The applicant must be in good academic standing by maintaining a SJSU GPA of 2.0 or better.
    • The applicant’s cumulative/overall GPA must meet the major’s current impaction GPA.
    • The applicant should earn a “C” or better in all foundational coursework (see COE CoM application guidelines for course requirements for each COE major).
    • Departments will consider coursework completed outside of SJSU. However, repeated coursework will be accepted at the discretion of the Major’s Department. Repetition is not advisable and multiple course repeats will significantly delay graduation.
    • Upper division students (those with over 90 SJSU units accumulated) should consult with the major advisor directly for guidance on eligibility.
      • A department may consider other coursework in their review of upper division students. These courses must be completed with a “C” or better.
    • In accordance with the University’s Presidential Directive 2009-05 (PDF), applicants who have earned 90 units or more may not change their major except by special permission from the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. Any request that significantly extends a student’s time at SJSU, will be denied.
Review Process
  1. Applicants must complete or have all course requirements in progress at the time of application. Students with course requirements in progress will be reviewed once their grades have been posted.
  2. Applications will be submitted online through the ESSC’s website and will then be distributed for departmental review.
  3. Review of applications will occur after the application deadline. No late applications will be reviewed.
Review Timeline
Application Term  
Spring 2019 Fall 2019
October 1, 2018 March 6, 2019 Application Opens
December 15, 2018 May 15, 2019 Application Closes
January 20, 2019 TBA Students notified with department decisions
January 24, 2019 TBD Student decisions due