Engr Success Center Hold

What Is This?

This hold is part of an advising initiative to increase graduation and retention rates and provide students the support needed to understand their Engineering curriculum requirements. SJSU has a tool called MyPlanner that helps students plan courses to take until graduation. The prerequisite chains are programmed in and it will automatically suggest a roadmap based on credit that is already completed.

An advising hold has been placed by the Engineering Student Success Center which prevents registration for the next Fall or Spring semester.

Why Do I Have It?

This hold is assigned to the following students (even if you had ESSC Hold last semester):

  • All student currently enrolled in Engineering 10
    • Except for Juniors, Seniors, and Non-College of Engineering students
  • All Mechanical Engineering Freshman (Earned Units <30)
  • All Electrical Engineering Freshman (Earned Units <30)

What Does It Do?

This hold prevents all course registration for the upcoming semester. If the hold is still visible on your MySJSU account you will not be able to enroll in courses.

How Can I Remove It?

An advising appointment is required. Check your email for details. To clear this hold you must use MyPlanner to plan your courses through graduation. Choose courses for any requirements that say "Not Selected" and rearrange your plan if needed. Take the time to think about your future as an engineering student and make thoughtful choices for your major courses. Make special consideration for your upper division courses and put effort into researching your technical electives or capstone courses.

I Need Help!

There are additional resources to help get you started:

Do I Still Have To Meet My Major Advisor?

Start by looking at the holds you have on your account. Log into MySJSU and look at the right sidebar of your Student Center. This tells you what you need to do. What do you see?

  • Engr Success Center Hold - That's why you're on this page! Build your plan!
  • Engineering - Major Advising - Follow your major department requirements to remove this hold.
If you have both holds, you must complete both requirements.
MySJSU Holds
Holds section of MySJSU

What If My Major Isn't Engineering or I'm Changing Majors?

If your current major is not your intended major, using MyPlanner won't really help you right now. If you're currently Undeclared, in a major outside of Engineering, or changing to a different engineering major, please visit an ESSC advisor to discuss your plans. See the section below on meeting with an advisor.

To change your major out of the College of Engineering: 

  1. Get an updated study plan from an advisor in the new major or its success center.
  2. Email the new study plan to success-engineering@sjsu.edu (ESSC will review and remove the Engineering hold only).
  3. Complete your change-of-major with your new department.

When Will It Be Removed?

You are required to make an appointment with an ESSC Advisor for Guided Pathways Advising. An email will be sent with more details on how to make an appointment and when your deadline is. At your appointment, your advisor will work with you and go over your plan.

ESSC advisors are looking for, at a minimum, the selection of courses to fulfill major, minor, and GE requirements as defined by your plan. They will also look to see if you've moved courses to make an efficient arrangement of your plan based on your major and class level.

Do I Need to Make an Advising Appointment?

An appointment is required. In the email sent to you, there are details on how to make an appointment and when your deadline is. Your deadline may be different from other students.

I'm Uncertain or Confused...

Nothing you do in the planner is permanent, you can't really make mistakes, and you aren't going to be penalized for changing your plan. The point of this hold and these requirements is to make you familiar with your degree expectations and the tools SJSU offers to assist you with planning for your graduation. Your MyPlanner can be changed at any time and you can always start over. If you are lost or just need some guidance, please review the MyPlanner video above and take a look at the "I Need Help!" section. You can also reach out to an ESSC Advisor (the one that sent you the email).