Details on Engineering Probation

What Does This Mean?

If you're at this page, it means you still have outstanding Engineering Major Probation Requirements not met.
(Is this a mistake? Come in to the ESSC to discuss the issue.)

Start Here!


There are different requirements for each group of students on probation. To find your specific requirements, search your email for a message (one or more) regarding probation (sent on or around February 15th, 2018) from Sarah Johnson.

If you cannot find the email, there is a copy saved in your Spartan Connect Conversations.


  • If you are not attending SJSU this semester, we won't hold you to the requirements this time, but you may end up on major probation the semester you return.
  • If you are changing your major and leaving the College of Engineering, you don't need to complete the probation requirements, but we need to know you plan to change your major. Fill out the Change of Major Out of Engineering form. You must sign-in using your SJSU email address when prompted by Google.
  • If you've already successfully changed your major and the change has been updated in MySJSU, it was updated after we ran the list of students on probation. Send us an email and we will take care of it.
  • If you've already successfully changed your major, but the change has not yet been reflected in MySJSU, we will still need proof, either a copy of your signed study plan from the new major or a copy of the signed Change of Major form that's already been submitted to the Registrar's office.

Still Stuck?

If you still don't know what's going on, you will need to come in to the ESSC. Find us in the Engineering Building, room 344.

The Registration Hold

The Major Probation hold on your account will prevent you from registering for classes next semester. If you don't complete your requirements, or let us know about your situation, the hold will not be removed. Just because you ignore it doesn't mean it magically disappears.

Do not ignore it.