Online Graduation

Graduation Checklist for Engineering Students

Use the Graduation Checklist on this page to advance toward your bachelor’s degree, avoid common roadblocks and graduate in a timely manner. 
Please note: Online Graduation is open for eligible students in Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering applying for Fall 2019.

If you have questions after reviewing the Graduation Checklist, please contact your Engineering Major Advisor.

Before You Apply

  1. Review MyPlanner
    • MyPlanner is an interactive tool that allows you to map your entire academic path to Graduation. 
    • MyPlanner should show your plan through Fall 2019
  2. Review MyProgress
    • MyProgress is one of the most important tools to monitor your academic progress and is accessible on MySJSU. This report provides a detailed summary of your degree requirements--both completed and still unmet. 
    • To access this report, simply click on Student Center and choose Academic Requirements from the pull-down menu. 
    • Note: Unmet requirements (show red) should be the courses planned for your final semesters. All requirements must be complete (all green) in order for your degree to be awarded.
  3. Verify that your major (and minor if applicable) and catalog year is accurately listed on your record.
    • ​​You can review this on your MyProgress Report. 
  4. Ensure that all transfer credit completed is reflected on your record. 
  5. After you’ve reviewed your records and found that you are on track for Fall 2019 graduation, apply for your bachelor’s degree through MySJSU Academics.
If it is determined that you will not graduate in the semester for which you've applied, your application will be revoked. 
 After You've Applied

If you still have questions or concerns after you submit your application or if you think there's a problem, please, first reach out to your major advisor. If there are still questions, visit us at the ESSC.