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What is the Engineering Ambassador Program?
The Engineering Ambassador Program is a Dean's Affiliate Outreach Group whose mission is to teach younger students across the Bay Area what engineering is. EAP falls under the Engineering Pathways to Success (EPS) initiative. The mission of EPS is to “increase the number, diversity, and preparedness of Bay Area high school students choosing to enter college engineering and technology programs." For more information, visit our Who We Are page to view our program history.

Who makes up all the Ambassadors?
All the Ambassadors are volunteering, exemplary, engineering students at San Jose State University. We are all driven to not only excel academically, but give back to the community by helping younger students learn what engineering is.

What kind of activities will you offer?
We offer several activities, all interacting with younger students. The type of activities we offer vary with the type of event a host may ask us to participate in. Please visit Prospective Outreach for more details.


If you have questions or concerns, please email us at