Prospective Outreach

EAP can perform several types of outreach at schools or events. Our goal is to ensure that students know what it means to be an engineer and demonstrate the fundamental core of engineering: problem-solving. We also share our experiences as students in San Jose State Engineering to encourage younger students to look into engineering at SJSU.


Here are the types of outreach we perform:

Ambassadors will present about a STEM or Engineering related topic. Sometimes includes information about college experiences through SJSU Engineering Programs, and general SJSU information.
Ambassadors will lead a STEM/Engineering-related activity. These activities may be done by individual students, or in groups. Ambassador will encourage these participants to think critically, by guiding them with questions. These activities demonstrate problem solving-skills, which is the core of engineering.
Ambassadors will respond to questions regarding their college experience, their experience in SJSU’s College of Engineering, and their overall perspective of engineering. Virtual Student Panels will be held through Skype for groups more than 45 minutes away.
At elective/college night or career day events, Ambassadors are available to answer questions regarding SJSU and the College of Engineering majors.
If you are a school who participates in the Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Fair Association Synposys Challenge we have expanded and have Engineering Students who will help high school participants as mentors. The list of our current mentors will be up on our Who We Are page.


Are you interested in having the San Jose State University Engineering Ambassador Program perform outreach at your school or event? Please visit our contact page.