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Engineering Ambassador Network    

The San Jose State University Engineering Ambassador Program (EAP) started in 2011. The Engineering Ambassadors Program is a SJSU College of Engineering Dean's Affiliate Leadership Outreach Group, and falls under the Engineering Pathways to Success (EPS) initiative. This mission of EPS is to “increase the number, diversity, and preparedness of Bay Area high school students choosing to enter college engineering and technology programs." EAP helps engage students in K-12 by encouraging them to pursue STEM fields in college/life, providing a student perspective, and acting as role models.


Project Lead the Way (PLTW) also falls under EPS. As a PLTW affiliate university, SJSU provides training and support for PLTW schools listed in the Bay Area. Most of EAP activities are targeted for PLTW teachers. EAP is supplemental for the PLTW programs, as K-12 PLTW students get to engage with current SJSU engineering students..

Event Types:

  • Hands-on activities in classrooms
  • Student-led tours of the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering Building
  • Student panels
  • Tabling
  • Volunteer force for various college of engineering and community events.

Past Events:

  • Bay Area Science Festival
  • ​Girls Day @ The Tech Museum
  • Boy Scouts’: Stem in Scouting

  • Girl Scouts’: When I Grow up

  • Chevron IED Challenge

  • San Jose State University Science Extravaganza

  • Outreach at High School Elective/College Nights
  • K-12 Class visits to administer STEM activities
Blanca Sanchez-Cruz
Blanca Sanchez-Cruz joined the College of Engineering at San Jose State University as the Assistant Director for Student Support Programs and Director of the MESA Engineering Program. Prior to joining the College of Engineering she worked in the Office of Pre-College Program at SJSU as Program Coordinator for the Upward Bound Project and Interim Director of the Educational Talent Search Program. In this role she worked closely with teachers and administrators in the East Side Union High School District to increase access to higher education among communities with historic low rates of attendance. She earned her Masters of Arts in International Service Learning and Leadership from the University of Roehampton London and holds Bachelors degrees from San Jose State University in Global Studies and Hospitality Management.
Jesus Villicana
Jesus Villicaña joined the College of Engineering at San Jose State University as the Student Engagement Advisor for the MESA Engineering Program (MEP). He holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining SJSU, Mr. Villicaña worked as an Operations Manager under the Google Food Team where he collaborated with senior leadership to pilot and expand the Student Program. When time permits he plays guitar, enjoys logic puzzles, and is a supporter of The California Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl.
Cinque Terre
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Coordinator
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SJSU College of Engineering Event Planner
Transfer Student, Aerospace Engineering Student

Uyen transferred to San Jose State University in 2015 and has since been a part of the Engineering Ambassadors Program (EAP). She began her involvement as an Ambassador then transitioned into a Student Coordinator position. Serving the community is a passion of hers and through this program, she has been able to develop STEM activities and present to K-12 schools to carry out the mission of EAP. She has been involved with the ASPIRE, Rocket Club, AIAA, and is currently researching the aeroacoustics of propeller blades with the McNair Program Scholarship.
Transfer Student, Mechanical Engineering

Crystal is a transfer Mechanical Engineering major from Los Medanos College located in Pittsburg, California. She is the oldest of three siblings and moved to California at the age of five from Arizona. She likes to read medical and non-fiction books. She joined EAP through the mentoring program coaching high school students for their science fair projects and had such a good time that she decided to apply to be a coordinator. She hopes, through this program, to inspire students to search beyond their circumstances and to know that engineering is an option for them. Her goal is to increase awareness about engineering in the community and to keep programs like EAP present in the community. She hopes to set an example for her youngest brother through her work with EAP.
Sridevi Kuchibotla
3rd Year, Software Engineering Student

The purpose of the Engineering Ambassadors Program is to break the stigma that engineering is only for people who meet a certain criteria. EAP's mission definitely resonates with me as a woman in engineering, but it never fails to reminds me of why I love engineering to begin with. From seeing children's eyes light up from learning a new engineering concept, to instilling the imaginative aspect of engineering into older students, participating in EAP events changes the youth's perspective on engineering, including myself. I joined EAP as a Student Ambassador during my 2nd year to help show the future generation of engineers that anyone is capable of succeeding in the field. Now, as a Student Coordinator, I can take action into planning more events that promote engineering and its need for diversity.
3rd Year, Biomedical Engineering Student


My name is Vanessa Aldaz, I major in Biomedical Engineering. I first joined EAP in hopes of giving younger generations interest in STEM. I'm in a research program, where I study the activity of the proteases of mosquitoes. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, baking, getting milkshakes and exploring new places to eat at (**with a budget of course**).

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Electrical Engineering Student

I’m actually the first person in my family to major in something STEM-related. So, like many people, I didn’t have many resources or connections going into college and had almost no idea what to expect. I chose Electrical Engineering as my major as I was introduced to basic circuitry in high school and found it very interesting. Outside of school, I enjoy playing and watching several sports like basketball and soccer. My favorite teams are AC Milan and the Sacramento Kings.
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4th Year, Software Engineering Student

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at San Jose State University pursuing a career in software engineering and developer advocacy. I have always liked learning how things work and was first drawn to civil engineering before I switched to Software. Programming is a great tool for building out ideas from scratch in a relatively short period of time. It is extremely versatile and applicable to any industry, so you can be working on rockets or education or even wildlife conservation! Outside of school, I love exploring nature, traveling, and trying new foods.
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3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering Student

I’m a junior student at SJSU. The reason that drove me to Mechanical Eng is, I love cars and the way how engines work as well.
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Electrical Engineering Student

I like electrical engineering, microcontrollers, memes, and dogs. I chose my major because I misheard a plumber once say he was an electrical engineer.
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Industrial and Systems Engineering Student

My name is Mamta Kanda, and I am currently the Community Service Lead for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering Club on campus, as well as a mentor. During my free time, I enjoy playing badminton, drinking boba and doing nail art. A fun fact about me is that I've been a vegetarian since birth!
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2nd Year, Aerospace Engineering Student

I'm a second year college student. Fun fact about why I choose this major: it is the first major in the engineering major list in San Jose State. At first, I didn't really look into this major, and later on I start liking it because it would be very cool to watch the airplanes you helped build fly in the sky.
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Computer Engineering Student

I love to play cricket and my major Computer Engineering. Fun fact: I love pizza with pineapple toppings.
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4th Year, Civil Engineering Student

Hi! I am Patrick Fintamag. I am a senior civil engineering student from San Jose State University. I chose this engineering major because of the unique opportunity to change my life and the lives of others. My hobbies include performing activities for: International Youth Fellowship, Engineering without Borders, Mini club, American Concrete Institute, Engineering Ambassadors Program, American Society of Civil Engineers, dancing, car karaoke, gym, eating in large quantities and hibernating . Fun Fact: I sleep an average of 5 hours every night!
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Aerospace Engineering Student

I'm a funny person to talk to since I always make my friends laugh with my jokes. My hobbies are watching and playing soccer.